Results for Lockdown 500km

NameTotal DistanceTime
Mrs Caroline A J Sale50122:32:58
Claire Porter5126:52:23
Claire Adam506.1317:32:42
Amy Green504.4319:30:00
Ian Brooks508.3725:39:00
Jason Smith1032.6140:47:47
John Sheridan574.7318:57:36
Jessica Apps518.5222:06:00
Sadie Jones50918:14:43
Nathan Barton348.113:23:00
Paul Marsden503.6315:00:19
Pat Rozycka508.129:06:14
Roman Rozycki503.6128:38:47
Sarah Anne Kelly501.990:00:00
Sarah Woodhouse554.9718:31:40
Sarah Scull502.739:37:01
Scott Porter313.95811:50:00
Adam Tango Holland523.5918:10:00
Tim Robinson513.4314:07:00
Joshua White506.543:41:45

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 Position is determined by time. Distance and number of sessions are added for interest only. If time has not been submitted the results will be shown but position is to be discounted. 


Lockdown 500km Cycle Challenge Nov/Dec 2020


Lockdown 500km Cycle Challenge – Cycle 500k between 5th November and 5th December 2020 – either on the road or on a turbo trainer/static bike.

£1 from each entry will be donate to Mind mental health charity.

We know how important exercise can be for mental and physical health. We hope this challenge will help with both during this new lockdown in the UK.

£1 from every sale will be donated to Mind - the mental health charity.

Lockdown 500km Cycle Challenge Info

Complete a total of 500km worth of cycling between 5th November and 5th  December 2020. You can complete this either outdoors on a regular bike, on a turbo trainer or static bike - or a combination. You can complete the 500k in any number of sessions. You must abide by all lockdown regulations throughout your challenge.


For successful completion of this Lockdown 500km cycle challenge you will receive a commemorative challenge coin which will be sent to you by post. You will also receive a certificate of completion. All awards will be sent to the address on your account by 20th January 2021. Please visit the My Account page to make any amendments to your details. Awards are not guaranteed - they are sent only on successful completion of the challenge and submission of your results by the deadline.



You will need to use our Lockdown 500km Cycle Challenge online submissions form to inform us of your session details. The form can be found both on this page and on the submissions page. If you complete this challenge in multiple sessions over the month you can submit just the totals of your distance/time  or if you prefer to submit results of each session, you can do this after each session or all at the end of the month. Please note you cannot view your submissions on our website - you will however get an email copy of each submission which we strongly recommend you keep safe - it may go to your junk folder so please check for it after your submission. We will need the date of your activity (if submitting sessions separately) the distance in miles and time of your sessions in hh:mm:ss.


You can record your cycle details using a cycle computer, fitness watch or app such as Strava and then you will need to enter the details onto our submissions form. The results table will be on the challenge page and is interactive. The position for the challenge is determined by time.  Be aware that we cannot adjust the time/distance in the results to exactly 500km, so If you submit results for more than 500k this will be shown in the table but the time will not be reduced and this will impact your position in the results. You can use our Session Log spreadsheet to help keep track of your sessions and running total. See the link below.

Our challenges are honesty based and require you to accurately and honestly record and submit your own results.


All cycling for this challenge must be completed by then end of 5th December 2020. All results must be submitted by 10th December 2020 - results submitted after this date will not be included in the results table and the awards will not be sent. Awards will be sent to successful challengers at the end of the challenge period and you should receive them by 20th Dec.

IMPORTANT - this challenge should only be attempted by those completely confident that they are fit and well enough for the challenge requirements and have suitable equipment and support. We advise you get a medical check before starting the challenge. Please ensure that you are aware of the risks and challenges of cycling in your chosen format and location and take all necessary precautions to make sure you are safe whilst doing this activity. You must observe any local, national or venue specific rules and regulations during your activity. Please ensure that you follow safe cycling practices and have a plan in place for support and safety. All cycling for this challenge is at your own risk.

Please read our Cycle Safety guide for tips of how to make sure you are safe whilst cycling.


See our FAQs on the INFO page.

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