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Our virtual challenges allow you flexibility to complete your challenge in your way. 

Receive unique challenge coins as an award (plus swim badges for swim challenges).

Choose a challenge and the time and place to complete it to fit in with your lifestyle. Submit your results to us and receive your award. Simple.

Virtual challenges help you stay motivated and get that ‘race day’ sense of achievement. Our Challenge Co. community is on hand to share your achievements and offer advice. 



Challenge Awards


100k In A Day

Cycle 100km in any 24hr period to receive this challenge coin and certificate.

On the road, on a static bike or trainer the choice of how and where is yours. 

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open water

Winter Swim Challenges

We have created a collection of winter swim challenges for all abilities from absolute beginner to experienced cold water regulars.

For beginners or those new to open water swimming in the winter we have the Chilly Challenges. These must be completed outdoors (lake, river, sea, unheated pool/lido) but you can wear wetsuits and other accessories. Feeling a little braver? Our Frosty Challenges are non-wetsuit based.

For the hard-core cold water swimmers we also have the Ice Master and Ice legend challenges which are complete non-wet suit and have some hefty cumulative distances as well as some temperature requirements. These are suitable only for very experienced cold water swimmers.

Our challenges are based on the number of occasions you swim, not distance or time, although there is a minimum of 50m per swim set. This is so that they are accessible to all ability levels, plus means that you observe your own limits and are not tempted to push beyond the limits of what you can cope with in cold water as this can be dangerous. You will however be able to log distance and/or time and these will be published in the results tables. Our more challenging options of Ice Master and Ice Legend do have cumulative distance requirements for the complete challenge.


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