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Our submissions system allows you to view a record of your submissions, view your results and let us know when you have completed your challenge and want us to send your awards.


Please remember to click the ‘CHALLENGE COMPLETE’ button after your final submission to tell us that you have finished and you want us to check your results and send your awards.

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Chilly 2023 winter swim challenge

Chilly Challenge 2023/24

Submissions Form

Frosty 2023 winter swim challenge

Frosty Challenge 2023/24

Submissions Form

Ice Master 2023 winter swim challenge

Ice Master Challenge 2023/24

Submissions Form

Festive Swim 2023 winter swim challenge

Festive Swim 2023

Submissions Form

swim London challenge coin

Swim London

Submissions Form

How do Submissions work?

  • Access your submissions via your My Account page, where you will see your current challenges below the dashboard, or via the submissions page.
  • You must be logged into your account to see the submissions form and your submissions log.
  • Complete the submissions boxes with the details required. You can choose what units you enter your distance in but the results table will display in the set units only.
  • Click SUBMIT and your submission will be added to your submission log and the results table will update instantly.
  • IMPORTANT … at the end of your challenge after your final submission, click the ”CHALLENGE COMPLETE’ button. This sends your submissions to admin to be checked.
  • If there are queries with your results we will email you for clarification. If your submissions are ok we will send your awards within 14 days and you will get an email notification to say your awards have been dispatched.


Viewing/checking/changing submissions

You can view all of your previous submissions on the submissions page for your challenge, below the submissions boxes.

To delete a submission click the trash can icon on the row you want to delete (you may need to scroll to see this icon). If you realise you have made an error on a submission after you have clicked SUBMIT – delete the incorrect submission and resubmit with the correct details.

Submitting to more than one challenge

Soon you will be able to enter the details of a session once and choose to submit it towards other challenges. This feature is coming soon. For now submit the session on the forms for all the challenges you want it to be added to.



Can’t Submit?

Logged in? You must be logged in to submit and view your submissions. If you are logged in – do you have more than one account? If so you must be in the account that purchased the challenge.

Challenge dates? You may not see the submissions form if the challenge hasn’t started yet or if it has ended and the deadline has passed.

Deadline? You can only submit results until the Submissions Deadline date which is stated in the challenge details. After this date the submissions options will not be available.

Challenge Complete? If you click the ‘CHALLENGE COMPLETE’ button and confirm in the pop-up that you want to end your challenge, you will no longer see the submissions boxes. A message will appear there to say that your challenge is ended. If you did this in error and want to submit more results, please email us to resume your challenge (this is only possible before the challenge deadline).

Where are my awards?

If you completed the challenge successfully in the challenge time-frame and submitted your results before the deadline and clicked CHALLENGE COMPLETE, we will send your awards to you in the post to the address registered on your account within 14 days and email you when they are dispatched. Awards will fit through a standard letterbox.

Submissions? Did you submit all your results before the deadline and meet all the challenge requirements? You must do this to be eligible for the awards.

Challenge Complete Button? After your final submission, did you click the ‘CHALLENGE COMPLETE’ button which appears below the submissions boxes? You must do this to send your results to us for checking and for your awards to be sent. If not – click it now. If you can’t because the deadline has passed, please email.

Email? If you did the above steps but we found a problem with your results we would have emailed you. Please check your inbox and junk/spam folders or search for [email protected]


If you can’t find the answer to your problem here please email [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.



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