Results for Festive Swim Challenge

Full NameSwim Distance in METERSSession time in hh:mm:ssWater Temperature in degrees c
Alan Holmes46000:20:556
Alaine Tsang00:22:147.9
Andrew Holmes31600:13:046
Caroline coulman15000:20:075.9
Caroline Jones4380:16:594.3
claire russell50200:14:455
Claire Porter60000:32:0010.8
Sarah Redman15000:10:054.5
Gabriele Becker-Hassemer39600:11:227
Elaine Coker13000:07:547.4
Emma Klimowicz105200:21:207.2
Emma Richards16000:18:004.6
Victoria Anderson44000:17:005
Fiona Ridpath40000:15:469
Frances Mackenzie25700:14:486.2
Freyja Burrill40000:12:007.9
Naomi Jackman35000:17:0010.6
Gunhild Reischl12000:09:006.4
Helena Napier10000:10:005.8
Joanna Wingate40000:14:009
Jennifer Lister63300:16:464.8
Jen Slater63800:26:539.5
Jane Fallows200
Jodie Gibbon69000:25:3011.8
Jo Sutherland45000:15:006
José Vilpoux113000:26:003.3
Juliet Bryce9000:14:307.2
Anna Gray6000:12:429.8
Karen Aylward96000:17:5010.7
Catherine Etchell700:10:234.9
Laura Griffin55100:17:595
Lynn Hughes26400:12:005.6
matthew brown141600:33:057.1
Sarah Conway50000:35:006.5
Michelle Mason-Walker5000:07:326.3
tobias prüßner35000:10:005
Raymond P Brown144000:36:007
Robert Willis50300:13:2910.5
Sally Little100000:31:306
Sally Frisby155400:19:286.5
Sara Ward25000:20:006.2
Sarah Bentley20000:12:304
Stefan Göritzer30000:07:035
susan marsland53800:20:4511.4
Susan Edwards25600:30:4510.5
tina deeken70000:12:345
Tina Southgate15000:10:135
Wendy Savill55100:17:595
Bill Sergeson50000:11:444.9
Ruth Adamson5000:10:005
Charlotte Ball80000:31:245.4
Peter Plavec137200:26:343.9
Tess Alcroft20000:10:307
Candice Woods30000:30:0012
Anke Rubien56000:13:006.1
Mal Balmer20000:12:006.5
Georgina Westwood15000:20:075.9
Renate Erlinger42600:15:245
Phil hallam24800:07:464.6
Hayley Warren8500:02:580.9
Danni Iredale5000:02:260.9
Fenwick Ridley35000:28:000.6
Margaret Hillyer7500:15:034.6
Louise Kemp10000:10:001
Gill Barlow15800:14:294.4
Justine Sore5000:03:000.9
Sally-anne McWilliam5000:1:285.5
Alison Bell5000:10:008
Marjorie Leighton162400:32:429
Sarah Freeman20000:10:001.8
Tina Brayford19200:11:285.4
Claire Richardson162500:34:008
Julia Hallam23200:06:325.5
Heidi Langley24400:05:035.2
Pete Mealing30300:07:035.2
Stephen Banham29700:09:445.2
SAMANTHA Devereaux22100:10:005.3
David Bird29700:09:475.2
Sarah Salisbury25000:29:216.2
Briony Fane112700:15:306.6
Raymond Kirby-Hirst27200:12:005
Lauren Hyman60000:16:006.2
Diane Asbury45000:10:353
Simon Smith23600:07:224.1
Laura Pellington-Woodrow30000:15:004.2
Scott Hutchinson19200:06:364
Jo Bradley5000:10:001.8
Megan MacDonald7500:10:254.9
Nicola MacDonald8000:12:454.9

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Position is determined by distance, then time. Time and water temp are added for interest only.


Festive Swim 2020


Festive Swim Challenge – Complete an open water swim between 24th December 2020 and 1st January 2021 (inclusive) to earn your challenge awards: commemorative challenge coin and woven swim badge. Boxing Day swim? New Year’s Eve? Or even Christmas Day! The choice is yours!

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Festive Swim Challenge Info

Complete an open water swim between 24th December 2020 and 1st January 2021 (inclusive) to earn your challenge awards: a commemorative challenge coin and woven swim badge. Swim as far as you can in a single session - Minimum distance 50m. You can swim in wetsuits or non-wetsuit - additional accessories such as gloves/boots etc are permitted. You can complete your swim outdoors in a lake, river, the sea or an unheated outdoor pool or lido. We ask that if your choice of venue has a current that you swim equally with and against the current for each swim.

All swimming for this Festive Swim challenge must be completed between Thursday 24th December 2020 and Friday 1st January 2020 (inclusive) in a single session. So will it be a Boxing Day swim? New Year's Eve? Or even Christmas Day! The choice is yours!


For successful completion of this Festive Swim challenge you will receive a commemorative challenge coin and a woven swim badge which will be sent to you by post (postage is free within the UK). All awards will be sent to the address on your account by 14th January 2021. Please visit the My Account page to make any amendments to your details. Awards are not guaranteed - they are sent only on successful completion of the challenge and submission of your results by the deadline.

Recording your results

If you swim at a NOWCA venue such as Race Hub in official sessions then your swim data including the distance, time, temperature of your swim are recorded on your NOWCA profile after each swim. You can retrieve this data by logging in to your personal swim page where a record of your swims can be found. We suggest that you check that your data has been recorded properly after each swim as technical or human errors cannot be corrected.

You can also use a fitness watch or tracker such as a Garmin or on a fitness app to measure the distance/time of your swim. You may also record your swim details manually; at a swim venue they will likely provide you with information such as course distance or you can estimate it using google maps. These challenges rely on honesty and we expect all entrants to be honest with their own results.

Submissions and Results

You will need to use our Festive Swim online submissions form to inform us of your session details by 5th Jan 2021. We will need the date of your swim, the distance swam and how long you swam for. You can also submit the water temperature (optional). The form can be found both on the submissions page and also will be sent to you via email when you sign up and in a reminder email. The results table will be on the Festive Swim challenge page. The results position for the challenge is determined by distance swam.  We would love you to share a photo of you or your results on our Facebook page!

Our challenges are honesty based and require you to accurately and honestly record and submit your own results.


All swimming for this Festive Swim challenge must be completed between 24th December 2020 and 1st January 2021 (inclusive) in a single session. All results must be submitted online by 5th January 2021 - results submitted after this date will not be included in the results table and the awards will not be sent.

IMPORTANT - this challenge should only be attempted by those completely confident that they are fit and well enough for the challenge requirements and have suitable equipment and support. We advise you get a medical check before starting the challenge. Please ensure that you are aware of the risks and challenges of swimming in your chosen format and location and take all necessary precautions to make sure you are safe whilst doing this activity. You must observe any local, national or venue specific rules and regulations during your activity. Please ensure that you follow safe swimming practices and have a plan in place for support and safety. All swimming for this challenge is at your own risk.

Please read our Swim Safety guide for tips of how to make sure you are safe whilst cycling.


See our FAQs on the INFO page.

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