Tri Weekender – Sprint


The Tri Weekender Sprint Triathlon Challenge – Challenge yourself to try something new!

Complete the standard sprint triathlon distance swim, bike and run over one weekend between June and September 2021 in the locations of your choice. Pool or open water, regular or static bike, run indoors or out. Your choice!

Successful challengers receive a commemorative Challenge Coin and completion certificate …

Bonus Speed award: If you complete in a total time of 1:15:00 or less, you will also receive a bonus shiny Challenge Coin!

Olympic and Half distance options also available.

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If you add a frame it will be sent with your challenge awards when you complete your challenge.
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The Tri Weekender Sprint Triathlon Challenge

Swim 750m, Cycle 20km and Run 5km in one single weekend (or 2 consecutive days) in June, July, August or September 2021. You can complete each part of the challenge at any time over the 2 days, in any order, in any locations, and you don't have to complete all three activities consecutively. Each individual discipline should be completed in one session (eg all 750m swimming completed in a single session).

You can complete each part of this challenge indoors or outdoors; pool, exercise pool or open water; on a regular bike or on a turbo trainer/static bike; running on/off road or indoors on a running machine. There are no restrictions on clothing or accessories. E-bikes are not permitted.  You will submit 3 sessions times - one for the swim, one for the bike and one for the run. All 3 parts must be completed over 1 or 2 consecutive days.


For successful completion of The Tri Weekender Sprint challenge you will receive a commemorative challenge coin and postcard sized certificate of completion which will be sent to you by post.

Speed award: If you complete in a total time of 1:15:00 or less, you will also receive a bonus shiny Challenge Coin

Awards will be sent to the address on your account within 2 weeks of your final submission. Awards are not guaranteed - they are sent only on successful completion of the challenge and submission of your results by the deadline.


You can record your session details using a fitness watch or an app such as Strava/Map My Run etc, a cycle computer/running machine, or you can do this manually using google maps and a stopwatch for example. You need to make sure you have a record of your session details so that you can input them on our submissions form.

Our challenges are honesty based and require you to accurately and honestly record and submit your own results.


You will need to use The Tri Weekender Sprint Challenge online submissions form to inform us of your session details. The form link can be found on the submissions page (you will only see the submission options if you are logged into your account and have purchased the challenge). You can submit after each of the three sessions or at the end of the 2 days of your challenge. We will need the date of your activity, the distance, and the time (duration) of your session in hh:mm:ss. Check the box on the form to indicate if your submission is for the Swim, Bike or Run.

Although we do send reminder emails, please do not rely solely on these as we cannot guarantee their delivery - submissions and deadlines are your responsibility. We suggest you add the deadlines for this challenge to your calendar.

The results table will be on the submissions page and is interactive. The position for the challenge is determined by time.  Results update automatically as you submit. Results are provisional until after the submissions deadline. Any participant who doesn't complete all three disciplines will not be featured in the final results.


All activity for this challenge must be completed in a single weekend (or 2 consecutive days) between the 1st June and 30th September 2021. All results must be submitted by 5th October 2021 - results submitted after this date will not be included in the results table and the awards will not be sent. Awards will be sent to successful challengers within 14 days of your final submission.

IMPORTANT - this challenge should only be attempted by those completely confident that they are fit and well enough for the challenge requirements and have suitable equipment and support. We advise you get a medical check before starting the challenge. Please ensure that you are aware of the risks and challenges of cycling/running/swimming in your chosen format and location and take all necessary precautions to make sure you are safe whilst doing this activity. You must observe any local, national or venue specific rules and regulations during your activity. Please ensure that you follow safe cycling practices and have a plan in place for support and safety. All cycling for this challenge is at your own risk.

Please read our Cycle Safety guide and swim safety guide for tips of how to make sure you are safe whilst competing.


See our FAQs on the INFO page.

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Click the button for the submissions form for this challenge. You must submit the Bike, Run and Swim times individually.

Results for Tri Weekender Sprint Challenge

This table is interactive. Click column headers to sort results by that criteria. The results are provisional until the submissions deadline.

Position is determined by time.


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