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100k In A Day Cycle Challenge – Cycle 100k in any 24 hour period – either on the road, on a turbo trainer/static bike. The faster your time, the higher in the results table you climb! Challenge dates 1st December 2021 -31st December 2022.

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If you add a frame it will be sent with your challenge awards when you complete your challenge unless you request otherwise. They can also be found under accessories in the shop. UK addresses only.
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100k In A Day Challenge Info

Complete 100k worth of cycling within a single 24 hour period between 1st December 2021 - 31st December 2022. You can complete this over one or multiple sessions within the 24hours and it can be done either outdoors on a regular bike, or indoors on a turbo trainer or static bike or a combination. The faster your time, the higher in the results table you climb!

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For successful completion of this 100k In A Day challenge you will receive a commemorative challenge coin which will be sent to you by post. You will also receive a certificate of completion via email. You should expect to receive them within 14 days of your submission. Awards are not guaranteed - they are sent only on successful completion of the challenge and submission of your results by the deadline. If you live outside the UK local taxes and fees will apply (you can select the 'no-coin' option if you live outside the UK).

Recording your results

You can use a fitness watch, cycle computer or tracker such as a Garmin or a fitness app to measure the distance/time. You may also record your details manually. These challenges rely on honesty and we expect all entrants to be honest with their own results.


You will need to use our 100k in a day online submissions form to inform us of your session details. We will need the date of your activity the distance in km and time of your sessions in hh:mm:ss. You must be logged in to your account to submit. If you complete this challenge in multiple sessions over the 24hrs you can just submit the totals or you can submit results of each session. You can record your cycle details using a cycle computer, fitness watch or app such as Strava or record manually and then you will need to enter the details onto our form. The form can be found both on the submissions page and your account page. The results table will be on the submissions page and is interactive. The position for the challenge is determined by time.  Be aware that we cannot adjust the time/distance in the results to 100k so If you submit results for more than 100k this will be shown in the table but the time will not be reduced and this will impact your position in the results.

Our challenges are honesty based and require you to accurately and honestly record and submit your own results.


All Cycling for this challenge must be completed between 1st December 2021 and 31st December 2022 (inclusive). All results must be submitted online by 5th Jan 2023 - results submitted after this date will not be included in the results table and the awards will not be sent.

IMPORTANT - this challenge should only be attempted by those completely confident that they are fit and well enough for the challenge requirements and have suitable equipment and support. We advise you get a medical check before starting the challenge. Please ensure that you are aware of the risks and challenges of cycling in your chosen format and location and take all necessary precautions to make sure you are safe whilst doing this activity. You must observe any local, national or venue specific rules and regulations during your activity. Please ensure that you follow safe cycling practices and have a plan in place for support and safety. All activity for this challenge is at your own risk.

Please read our Cycle Safety guide for tips of how to make sure you are safe whilst cycling.


See our FAQs on the INFO page.

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